Financial institutions often benefit from gaining investment advice and guidance from investment professionals. At Greystone we are well-equipped to provide tailored solutions that can help institutions better serve their clients. 


We offer sub-advisory investment services for those firms needing to look outside their own walls for help with asset management. We can handle all of the functions should an institution want to fully outsource their asset management. We have the resources and experience to monetize owners by providing succession opportunities. Greystone welcomes all business owners seeking greater long-term stability, growth and a clearer path for their business continuity to join us in learning how they can benefit from our services. 



Choose Greystone to act as your sub-advisory investment partner service, and together we can make an appreciative difference in your business. Here’s how Greystone can assist small and medium-sized investment advisory firms:


  • Identify areas for growth

  • Help ease a heavy workload

  • Open up time for you to maintain strong client relationships or attract new business

  • Gain peace of mind knowing you’re working with a trusted advisor who provides solid outcomes to help you achieve major goals

When you partner with Greystone to manage your investment decisions, we are working to provide you with solid strategies, results, and resources. You will receive:

  • Multiple investment strategies that focus on individual stocks

  • Privately labeled strategies for use only by your firm*

  • Tactical responses that lower equity exposure, as indicated by our research, when defensive posturing is required — we are fully invested when research indicates risk has subsided.

  • Privately labeled quarterly reports 

* Investment strategies are still run by Greystone Financial Group.

Greystone currently has custodial relationships with TD Ameritrade, Matrix Trust Company, Charles Schwab, and Fidelity. If necessary, we may establish relationships with additional custodians.



Greystone has the greatest respect for entrepreneurs who have successfully grown their business. We realize the challenges of start-up leadership, and also know the rewards of growth. When you choose to expand, it’s important to identify potential partners who deserve your trust, who understand your current goals, and can help you reach new horizons. 


  • Investment management

  • Compliance and oversight 

  • Modern technology platforms 

  • All the benefits of working with a full complement of experienced professionals

  • Operations

  • Marketing

If you are searching for a partnership opportunity where your high integrity and strong work ethic is respected, Greystone would value the opportunity to sit at your table to discuss your ideas. We would collaborate to integrate your history and culture in keeping your client’s interests first and continue your legacy while we help you achieve the next level of growth and success. 


When it’s time for you to consider the next stage for your organization along with your valued clients, it’s critically important to find just the right fit. Greystone has the resources and experience to make transitioning as seamless as possible and offer peace of mind. 



Consider a relationship with Greystone, where your clients will continue to receive superior service, personal attention, and all the resources of a full-service firm.